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The Golden Girl of Television

JILL DANDO 1961 - 1999

Jill Dando


Jill was born in Weston-super-Mare and started her career as a newspaper journalist on the Weston & Somerset Mercury. Her experience as a memberof the local amateur dramatic society
helped her to develop the skills she would later need.

She soon became a household name, fronting programmes such as the Six O'Clock News, Breakfast News, Crimewatch and Holiday.

Not since Diana, Princess of Wales has the Nation been so affected by such a tragic and wasteful loss of life.


Asantwaa Brenya, London
I was so very saddened to hear of Jills death, I am, or should I say was one of her greatest fans, I would stay up late to watch crimewatch especially to see her. She was always so well turned out, and there was always a smile on her face.
Teresa Whatty, Weston-super-Mare
She was an inspiration to all students at both boardoak sixth form. Now I'm at Uni, I felt I could acheive anything as Jill had done so herself.
Lynne Parsons, Clevedon, North Somerset
I was saddened and shocked when I heard the news. She was one of the best presenters on TV. My thoughts go out to her family. May she rest in peace and her killer be caught.
Elliot Hayes (aged 8), East Brent, Somerset

She was my favourite news presenter. I loved to hear her voice on TV.

Jason Foord, Oulu, Finland

There just aren't the words to express the anger and the sadness of such a tragic loss. If one had to describe a modern day English lady, Jill Dando would fill all the requisites.
Since her early days of national television presenting, I have always kept an eye out for anything that Jill was involved with. It was impossible not to be drawn to her. Of course she was incredibly attractive, but her true beauty came from within, her intelligence, her integrity, her professionalism, her passion for life, and without doubt that amazing smile. I cannot think of a better role model on the importance of enjoying one's life. I'm proud to admit for a long time Jill has been top of my 'most wanted to meet' list.
Of course it was apparent to all, she had recently found the most important secret to life. How could you miss the effervescence of true love she had found with her husband-to-be? I wonder how many of us find that kind of happiness? So many 'celebrities' are looked-up to, but how many add true value to society? Jill's contribution to national and international broadcasting on the BBC has been immense, but most of all, she will be remembered for that infectious smile.
My thoughts and prayers are with her fiancé and family.
Let's hope she will rest in the dream 'Holiday' location of her choice. It's such a shame she had to go on her own.
I'm sure all of us Brit's overseas will shed a tear on May 21st.

Keith Gill, Banbury
You were the queen of all our hearts, I will be at the funeral and hope to be able to help.
Susan Norvill, Hong Kong
I still cannot comprehend the futile killing of Jill Dando. She was admired and loved throughout the country, and England is certainly a poorer place without her.
As a former Weston-s-Mare journalist myself, Jill served as an inspiration within the field. My thoughts and prayers go out to all her family and loved ones.
Sheila Osborne, Bristol
A very tragic loss of a brilliant Presenter who brought a great deal of sunshine into a lot of "ordinary" peoples' homes. Why?
margaret, Scotland
Such a terrible waste of a precious life. she brought so much happiness. My thoughts are with her family and friends.
James Richardson, Chailloy, France
I watched the holiday program on BBC Prime, here in France, Miss Dando was a fantastic presenter, and you seemed close to her because she was so kind. A great loss.
Jo Jones, Bournemouth
You really were a joy to watch in everything you did. My heart goes out to your family in this difficult time and lets hope with the help of 'the people' the person who did this is found.
Rest in peace Jill!
Lisa Benjamin, Cirencester
I cannot find the words to describe how the news has effected me, but I know my heart goes out to Jill's family and to Alan, who made Jill's life wonderful, she radiated beauty and a great passion for life, she will never be forgotten.
robert wirth, baltimore, maryland usa
what a terrible tragedy
my prayers are for her and her family
Clinton Graves, Raleigh, NC  USA
Even though I saw her on "America's Most Wanted" I am saddened of the loss of remarkable woman. She would be missed.
Alison Tanton, Ashford
I was shocked and very sad when I heard the news of Jill's death. I knew Jill as a teenager at Milton Baptist Church and always admired her for her drive and ambition. For many years I have admired her achievements from a distance. My love and prayers to her family. A tragic loss for us all.
S Crompton , Bolton
message: I am deeply sadden at what has happened to Jill and my deepest sympathy goes to her family and friend
janet witts, ashford kent
will miss seeing you very much. a terrible waste rest in peace jill lots of love janet
mary maher, london
: My deepest sympathy to Jill's family and fiance on your tragic loss of a lady so well respected by the public, i will say a prayer to help you cope before i sleep.
Brian Nolan,  London NW2
A truly tragic case which in the fullness of time will hopefully be solved by the police.
Janet Chin, Luton
We shall miss you and your pretty smile,sleep well and may God be with you.
rachael clews, staffordshire, UK
It's just such a waste. My heartfelt sympathies to her family and especially her fiance.
Debbie Lawler, Hornchurch, Essex
a tragic end to a lovely lady.
I will always remeber her co-ordinating a wedding on television - it is a shame that she will never experience her own wedding. My thoughts go to her family, finace and friends.I hope she rests in peace and did not suffer. I hope they catch the evil person that did this.
Richard Meredith, Cambridge
Never did I imagine that the brilliant career of such a charming presenter would be brought to an end in such a brutal manner. My heartfelt condolences to her family and especially her fiance on the eve of what must be one of the most difficult days of their lives.
Jill, go to rest in peace and may your new world be one more deserving of you. I never met you, but nonetheless always felt I knew you as a good friend.
Anthea Stone, Stourbridge , West Midlands
I am deeply saddened by this tragic and pointless loss of life. My thoughts and prayers are with her father brother and fiance,especially for tomorrow,friday 21.
Martin Robinson, Birmingham
Thank you Jill for your naturally bright and cheery personality, it made many a dark morning look brighter when you presented Breakfast News. Like many people, I feel I have lost a friend, almost a member of the family. As a Christian too it is hard to feel hatred for the individual(s) responsible and I think this is how you would feel.
May you rest in peace, if its God's will your murderer(s) will be found.
Gill Horn, Hartlip, Kent
I admired and respected Jill. She was a very welcome visitor in my living room, and her enthusiasm for whatever she was doing always shone through - no more so than in her last programme, The Antiques Inspectors.
She was a very happy person, and I cannot comprehend why anyone would take her life in such a cruel way. My thoughts are with your family and loved ones. Rest in peace.
richard dolan, manchester
Feeling like a butterfly
Defenceless in the wind
Feeling life's not quite the same without her face on the box
Jan Connelly, West Midands
Jill always appeared as such a genuine person. It is a crime that she has lost her life after working so hard to reach such heights in her career and just about to settle down with the lover of her life. I felt like I had lost someone from my own family. God Bless.
Caroline Chambers, London, UK
It was a shock to us all to see such a beautiful woman killed in her prime time of life. May she rest in peace.
Rachel Fisher, Weston-super-Mare
I was deeply saddened by the death of the much loved TV presenter & coming from Weston myself makes it seem even more unreal that she could die in such tragic circumstances. I so wish I could have been in my home town today to pay my respects to a lady who earned the respect of the whole country. She will be greatly missed.


Tim Wiser, Derby

Rest in peace.

Rachel Fisher, Weston-super-Mare
I write on this, the day of Jill's funeral. I wish I couod be there personally, in my home town of Weston, to pay my respects to a lady who earned the respect of the whole nation & will be well & truly missed by all.
Karen Watson, London
Tragedy, upset, stress and sheer horror sum up life in this Country thoughout the 1990's. All one reads and sees through newspaper and television are tragic and unbelievable stories. None more so than the totally senseless murder of Jill Dando. I simply do not understand. What I do know is that during the next decade I hope that this nation can live a happier, less stressed and tormented life, than we all appear to be witnessing and living at the moment. May this wonderful lady, rest in peace, and the people responsible for this callous act be brought to justice.
José Record, Weston-super-Mare
Banning handguns didn't stop this tragic waste of life. Jill was a ray of sunshine, who lit up what ever she did, yet portrayed suitable restraint when reading the news. She was one of the best things to come out of Weston and will missed by all of us here. She was a down to earth person who took the time to talk to my daughter (a BTEC media student) while she was filming at the Sealife Centre last year. They chatted about my daughter's chosen career and she wished her well. My daughter is devasted that such a thing could have happened, as are we all. I hope the police catch her murderer, but doubt that they ever will. God bless you, Jill, our prayers are with you and our thoughts with your family.
Marc Walston, U.S.A.
Though I am an American I was brought up in the U.K. and always enjoyed Ms Dando's work. This was a very tragic happening, and she will be greatly missed -- by millions.
valerie hagger, Cambridge
What a waste of a lovely and liberated women. Justice must be served. Jill's killers must be found.
Dot Bowe, Silecroft Cumbria
Our thoughts are with her fiance and family. What a tragic loss and for what reason? She gave alot of enjoyment to the ordinary person.
Linda Vaughan Bewdley, Worcestershire
She was well loved by so many, and she was obviously so worthy of that love. May she rest in peace and God help us to understand if that is possible.
Dave Perry, Chelmsford, UK
Deepest, deepest sympathy, I lost my sister at a similar age, although, not in such a violent way. Jill was a beacon, for all that is good within the human spirit, although it is hard to comprehend her tragic passing, somehow, how spirit must continue.
Itis such a awful waste, I cannot begin to understand the monster who did this to her, it completely defies any sense or morality at all. I can only offer my heartfelt sympathy to you all, and hope that it helps, to let you know that people care.
kindest thoughts, Dave.
by Wendy Newell, High Wycombe,Bucks
I am the same age as Jill and always admired how she got on in life, she was always bubbly and seeing her on the tv was always a treat, she cheered you up,when the days were gloomy. I shall miss her very much and would like to send my sympathies to her family at this sad time, my heart goes out to them all.
Gary Taylor, Clitheroe. Lancashire.
It was such a waste of such a good and kind person who gave a life to helping so many people all over the country. Jill you will be sadly missed by so many people everywhere.
Sarah Zettel, York
I met Jill once, and she was so down to earth, with no airs and graces.It is so sad that her life has been cut so short by some sick man. I pray that the police will find that man and punish him accordingly. I pray for her family and fiance, that they will know God close to them at this sad and difficult time. May they find peace in knowing that she is safe in his arms.
God Bless, Love in Christ Sarahx
Steve Marchant, Washington, Tyne Wear
You try to find the right words, but there are only shared tears. My thoughts and prayers are with her family, especially Father, Brother and Fiancee. This is a cruel time for them and for all her friends. I sadly never had the opportunity to meet her, I'm sad at that, it would really have been so special to meet someone so lovely, in that I am certain.(as a photographer I have met many people)
That someone so lovely has been taken from us is really hard to bear and impossible to understand. God Bless Jill, we all miss you so much.
Daniel Saunders, USA
i have moved from london to USA and i could not believe my ears when i heard that Jill had been killed its still shocking me she was one of the most genuine people out of all the t.v stars i mean i obviously did not know her personally but i just knew she was a good person .......what a waste of a life my thoughts are with her family ....
Duncan Wheatley, New York
I was shocked and saddened to hear of Jill's senseless death. She was always so bright and warm and alive - death at the hands of a gunman has robbed the British public and her family of many years of joy.
Helen Raine, Durham
A waste of precious talent and humanitiy. My world and the rest of the world seems a much darker place. And I am left with the feeling that you never apreciate someone till its too late - never has this had such resinance.
In my time in London, just round the corner from Miss Dando's house did I ever suspect that such a terrible and heinous crime could happen - what a creul world.
martyn Davison, USA
Dear all,
My thoughts are with all the british people who have lost another angel in jill dando. Sincerely, Martyn Davison Residing in the Us for the last 2 years, formerly of Bath, Avon.
lilian, kingsbridge. Devon
we are sorry to hear of the great lost of jill will be sadly miss
Jane Sagrott, Thundersley, Essex
There are so many bad people out there - why murder Jill - she did no harm to anyone and brightened up the lives of everyone. Catch the killer and MAKE THE PUNISHMENT FIT THE CRIME. Please now rest in peace Jill and remember all the good works you did in your life.
christine saunders, canterbury, kent
I wish to say on behalf of myself and my family what a terrible waste of a talented life, and such a kind person. we suffered the death of a son of 17 a few years ago, and we wish to convey our sympathies particularly to jill's father, brother and also to her fiance alan farthing. with love prayers and hope for the future, christine and richard saunders, and daughter victoria.
paul, N.Ireland,UK
such a tradgedy to happen to someone so loved by the people of the UK,and that jill had her life ahead of her and had just found personal happyness,jill you will never be forgotten your memory is eternal safe in the arms of Jesus.
by Hayley, Bristol
Why, who could do such a thing ....I did not know her personally but I wish to pay my respects to all that did. She will be missed
Paul, West Midlands
A terrible loss to all of us. Jill was a very, very special lady with truly unique qualities. You felt that when she was on screen she was talking to you and you alone. I never met Jill and I can't explain why, even now, I feel so upset at what has happened. It is so unbelievably sad that someone so beautiful; who had so many friends, and bought so much pleasure into ordinary people's lives had to die 'alone' and in such terrible circumstances. The cruellest consequence is that we have lost someone who had unlimited potential - the potential to bring joy and happiness into all our lives for many, many years to come. In a small way, all our futures are all the poorer now she has been taken from us.
Jill, no-one will ever fill the special place which you occupied in the hearts of the British public. I, like millions of others miss you, but will never forget you.
To the brightest star in God's heaven - Rest in Peace and God Bless.
Sarah Jayne Davies, Hull
I am so angry that this happened and my thoughts are with her family and Alan Farthing. Do we really live in a civilised society? Instead of a happy wedding, we saw a funeral of a young women. Why?
ahmed n zohdi, London
I was on my way from work when I heard on the radio of what had happend to you .I was very upset and disturbed to learn of what happend... I have visited your house five times with my wife sarah just to try to come to terms with what had happend . What I do not agree with though Is when they try to make out that you are like royalty. this is wrong because you are one of us.
I will miss you forever
elaine kelly, telford
jill's death was a tragic waste.She was a lovely person who had so much to offer.May she rest in peace.
Marie Vassalli-Collard, Enmore, Somerset
Such a loss to all. She brought life and love to all she met
Colin Golland, Weston-s-Mare
Dear Jill,
Your smile will always be fresh in my mind. I will miss you and would like to thank you for the work that you have done for Weston super Mare in the past.
You will be missed Jill.
William Moore, Sea Girt NJ USA
I always enjoyed her Holiday programs. In these days of political correctness she was what a LADY should be. What a shock.
Kyle Sprcue, Guernsey, Channel Islands
The loss of a very well liked presenter and person.
J.Creffield, Weston-super-Mare,
A tragic end to a good life. My deepest sympathy goes to Jill's family.
I Will miss Jill very much She will be with the angels for ever-more
The after death became a better place the day you arrive....
Mr. Paya, Joan, Torrent (Valencia) Spain
I had notice of this tragic event by TV. I'm sorry. I was study in Weston-super-Mare and I have a good friends there.
Claire Geyelin, Maryland, USA
I am a newswriter for CNN, the American Cable News Network. On the day of Miss Dando's death, I was given the assignment of writing the story for our international show. Miss Dando was not on TV in the U.S., but I knew who she was from reading British magazines like "Hello." While CNN has not really covered the story since it first happened, I frequently check the BBC website to see if there are any developments. I've become quite interested in the story, both from a reporter's perspective, and simply as a woman the same age as Miss Dando. As a broadcaster, I know what it takes to rise to Miss Dando's level in this field. She must have been a very determined woman. From what I've read, she also had a fantastic personality. I'm sorry for your town's loss, and just wanted to send best wishes from the other side of the Atlantic.
Craig Adams, weston-super-mare
we will miss you,we all will.you were a star in all our eyes and and will influence people for generations to come.
Elías Zarzar and Hilda Kawas de Zarzar, Mexico
We deeply mourn the death of Ms. Dando. Even though a great distance separates our countries, we feel that a great life has been lost.
Elizabeth Reeve, Rochester Hills. U.S.A.
I have read so many times in recent weeks that Jill was as nice as she came over on TV. She was even nicer, so down to earth and always happy. When I moved to Sweden, Jill was my connection with home each morning as I watched her bring news of home into our living room. When I told Jill, she suggested that she could make some kind of sign to me, so that I would know she was thinking of us. Jilly, I can't tell you how sad I am that we have now lost you forever. You were so much a part of our family. I will always look at my wedding pictures and be reminded of the sunshine you gave that day to our lives and also the sadness that I feel because you have been taken from us. We all miss you so very much and we think of you and your family every day.
Sweet dreams Jilly. Lots of Love from Lizzy.
Debbie Hewitt, England
My heart goes out to Alan Farthing and Jill Dando’s family, after such an tragic death, Jill was so lovely, and gentle, after the tragic accident of Princess Diana, this is just awful, someone is responsible for the life they have taken away from Jill and Alan, and hopefully one day they will be caught, then Jill can rest in peace. The nation loved Jill and what has happend to her, is unbelieveable. I send My love to all who has suffered by this terrible crime especially to her family and Alan Farthing.
Love and best wishes Debbie and Family xxxxx
Gillian Benjamin, Ipswich
Her death has reminded me that life may be short and not to waste a second of it. I cannot shake the tragedy from my mind.


John L Davies  The Hague, The Netherlands
Jill's death has been mourned everywhere, even by those of us who never met her. We are all touched by her loss
Daniel Marsh Brighton
I thought she was fab and will be sorely missed
Brad Menhennet  Hove
She was one of the finest presenters on British TV
Christine Sutherland  Edinburgh
I still can't believe why anyone would want to kill Jill. I hope the police catch the killer no matter how long it takes.
David Falconer Australia
She was a fantastic holiday presenter for the BBC. She seemed to be a down to earth person who cared about people in her local area as well as her close friends with the BBC. I am now in Australia for a year but I was wanting to send an e-mail. I will miss her very much.
Sharon Collier Ash
I am sadden at the loss of one the few people i have respect for. I hope her family and friends can take some comfort in how many peolpe will miss her.She was a very special Lady.
Peter Burton  London
I will always recall where I was when I heard the tragic news of Jills death. I received the news on my mobile from my Mother at lunchtime and I just had to go home as I did not feel like spending the rest of the day shopping in the West End. I pray her killers will be brought to justice.
G Srinivas India
I used to look forward to her program 'Holiday' every week on BBC. Seeing her smiling face on TV used to Make my day. I will miss her genuine and radiant smile. But I think it is permanantly etched in my mind.
But I am shocked. Who would want to hurt such a good person? The killer should be nabbed and punished
Roshi.Viyakesparan  London
We were on holiday in LA when we heard the news of Jill Dando's tragic death. What a waste it was for our country. She was, like Diana, Princess of Wales a well loved, most admired woman. Even though we did not know her personally we feel the loss and the programmes she used to front will never be the same without her.We wish her family all the love and support at this time.

Kind regards The Viyakesparans

Derek Halliday Northampton

You always felt you new Jill. That was how she came across to ordinary people. My family and I miss her, however she has left her mark on us which will never be forgotten. God Bless

Anita Cooper Huddersfield West Yorkshire
I have recently come back from a holiday in Wester Ross in Scotland and stayed at the Loch Maree Hotel. Jill had done a programme on this some time ago and all the staff spoke about her with great fondness. Personally, it was for me as if you knew her as a friend, someone to rely on in times of need. Jill just seemed that type of person, her lovely personality shone through her smile. I do hope they catch who ever has done such a cowardly thing in broad daylight. It must have been devastating for her family to lose such a vibrant beautiful young woman at a time of her life when she had so much to look forward to. May she rest in peace. God bless you Jill and thanks for sharing this world with us and for a short while making it a happy place.
miss courtney bennett   west virgina,u.s.a.
family and friends, i dont know who jill dando so well. i really sorry about that. i hoped you all of you try stay to be together so hard.i know you all family and friends . it is very hard for you all ...family and friends, i know i believed in angels. jill dando will be your angel gurdian, she was already still there in your hearts forever more. i hoped the fbi or police will work on msytery murder and looking for jill dando'killer the killer will dead in the judge or in jail for life time !
she will be your angel gurdian now.she is ok now. she was rest in peace.


Jessica Kulendran : Canada but formerly England
Shocked,Sad and hoping that the police will find the murderer!! My thoughts and prayers go out to all her family at this difficult time!! May God be with you and bring you comfort right now.
thinking of you
Jessica x.
Eileen, Telford England
Jill will live on in the nation's memory. Such a waste. RIP
John Cooper Cradley Heath
She appeared to be the girl next door. A sad loss. Why?
Leny van der Boon, Soest, Netherlands Finding this page on the Internet, I still can't take it in. No Jill anymore. Although her colleagues are quite able to take her place, they have to reach deep to make up for her loss. Like Diana's passing, she leaves an immense hole in today's humanity. I wish her fiance strength, especially on the day of their intended wedding day, and of course her father and brother.
sheila pinniger australia
such a sad loss to so many when we lived in the uk we admired her very much I hope that they get the mogrel that did it.
Kevin Sheerstone revelstoke,bc,canada
My sympathies to her survivors.
Janet Pesonen Imatra Finland
Only God takes the best. Rest in Peace
Lynne West Midlands  To Jill's family and friends - She was a lovely lady and will be sadly missed.
Grant Cullen, Worksop
Bye Jill
You were the one person that made T.V worth watching.
Simon King  Haywards Heath, West Sussex
Jill was an inspirational character - one that did so much for so many. Until her murderer is caught, the world is no longer a safe place.As a committed Christian, I pray that she will rest in peace and rise in glory. To the glory of God the father. Amen.
An absolutely beautiful lady in every way.
May God rest and keep you.
Sue Wright  Surrey
You are very badly missed. Why did this have to happen to you? It is so senseless.Rest in peace.
Rhona Jermyn  Ipswich
My thoughts are with you today, I was married 3 weeks ago and I cannot imagine the pain you have. Love Ro.
Richard Wilkins Northampton
Perhaps if Jill could speak, she might say something like this....
Please Beleive these words....
Before I coudn't always be with you,
but that's all changed now, you see, there's no time in heaven,
which means I can never be without you, so -I'm always with you.
I'm with you now as you read these words.
I can see things much more clearlt than before.
i was brought back becasue I was needed to be closed to God and to you.
Heaven isn't a place, it's a feeling.
It's far too wonderful to be a place, things can happen to places, they're a bit like bodies, that's why we don't need them here.
It's ok if you doubt what I'm saying, it's just that there's no doubt in heaven.
Please don't hurry to be with me, you already are.
We have eternity, I can see it, it's so wonderful.
Allow yourself to grieve, it's natural.
Allow yourself to doubt, it's natural.
Remeber, I'm always with you, it's natural.
The pain you feel I understand, but know your tears are not needed for me, how can they be when I stand next to you?
No stranger wrote these words, our love did...
there are no goodbyes, no farewells, how can there be, when I'm here with you, now.
So I'll wait with you until you, like me are freed from that tiny consciousness called life.
Until then I ask just one thing of you,
Please Beleive these words....
svb  usa
may god give you peace and comfort in this time of great sorrow.
richard beancake Bridlington
I was saddened to hear of her death. i used to greatly enjoy her TV presenting, especially when she replaced Lisa Stansfield on 'Razamattaz.'
Gill Burnham  Downe, Kent
She was a light to us all and I still cannot believe she has gone and I think of her every day. Why hasn't her killer been found? God bless her and her family and friends.
Geoffrey  Jersey JE3 7BL
Lets help Jill rest now i hope that the Police find that killer.
Brenton Holt  Australia
It was always a joy to see this lovely lady on the BBC. What a beautiful couple they would have made. I cannot put her fiance out of my mind these last months. As well I cannot fathom....WHY?
Srini Thimmiah USA
While perusing the BBC web page, I kept asking myself - where had I seen that face before? And then it occured to me. On a difficult assignment in India a year ago, she helped me forget my problems at least for that moment while she transported me to exotic locales with her wry sense of humor. Thanks for the memories, Jill.
sian Oxford
I was so upset to hear the news of Jill's death.
My thoughts our with the family.
catherine homer-moorecliff  NEW ZEALAND
Peter Price Portsmouth U.K.
To a greater loss to the people then the Princess of WAles
Evelyn Helmsmüller  Barnstorf, Germany
Message 1 - I personally knew Jill from my time working on Breakfast News now, nearly five years ago. I was informed of her murder by my mother, and was absolutely flabbergasted and astonished as to why such a thing could happen to such as nice and popular person. There are many people who admired her but there must also have been those who envied her rapid success. Nonetheless, a murder. I still can`t believe, as there are many highly well-known people, of a higher profile than Jill even was, but no murder. For this to have taken place in broad-daylight on her own doorstep, means no-one is really safe.

Message 2 - Inconceivably terrible news of the tragic murder of Jill Dando - someone who arrived to Breakfast Time when I hadn´t long been there. She was unassuming, polite, down-to-earth and friendly. I didn´t realise at first that she was a Summaries Presenter - she seemed too órdinary! She was one of the presenters I worked for, and took pleasure in answering every letter personally (although I had to type them!) She was undemanding and unpretentious and loved to know the latest ´Gos´ as she called it. You reached your peak, and some demented person cruelly crushed your who life, leaving in its´ midst pain and destruction for those closest to you who now have to bear and deal with the torturous pain of your loss - a great one to many. RIP. An old colleague - happy memories of happy days. With deepest sympathy to your family and fiance.

J Phaneuf Port Elgin, Ontario, Canada
I spent a year living in Glasgow and was there when Jill was killed. A tragic loss of such an independent, beautiful, strong role model for the BBC, the UK, and the entire broadcast industry. My thoughts and prayers go to her family and friends. God Bless.
Helen : LANCS
I still watch Crimewatch, but I feel a great sense of anger jill should be sat with Nick Ross, it just does not seem fair. I Hope the police soon find her killer, then justice will be done.
Mark Norville: Weston Super Mare
Gone is the light and the Warmth. Weston will always mourn for one of our own
Bob Schwoegler, Jr. : Mcfarland, Wisconsin U.S.A.
I wish to express my heartfelt sympathies to the family and friends of Jill Dando. She was indeed a very lovely woman and beautiful person. We live in a very dangerous world today and I wish to offer her family and friends the consolation that Jill is now safe and warm in God's loving arms. May she enjoy eternal happiness forever.
Phil Connors: london uk
Jill touched the lives of millions with her girl-next-door good looks and genrous manner. She is sadly missed.
Lisa Meredith: kidderminster in the Midlands
Words can't describe what she did to people. When I heard the news of her death on the television I couldn't believe it. Shivers went down my spine when I heard this awful news. It makes me mad to think that someone would be so heartless to kill such a well liked person with the whole of the uk and the world. I hope they catch the murderer for you sake jill and you family. rest in peace and may no more harm come to you.
Galen Thurber : Ottawa Canada
As one myself who continues to live under the fear of a cyber stalking gang; my empathy go out to other victims as well as family, friends, fans of Jill. Let us stand and oppose this tyranny of stalking against the individual.
Secular Humanist
David Holder : Wokingham, BERKS, ENGLAND
Such a sad and tragic end to the life of a wonderful 'English Rose'.
May she rest in peace with God.
Steve Douglas : Hainault, Essex, UK.
I can't write much because of the tears except to say that she was the best and, like Diana, she will always be in our hearts and thoughts. We all hope that the person who did this is caught soon. To Jills family- Our very deepest sympathy.
Clare Tyne : Thetford, England
I thought this was so tragic, I only hope they do catch the person responsible and throw away the key. When they say life it should mean just that.
Richard Bond : Weston-super-Mare
My Nan Babysitted Her and her brother was my dads best friend
Hayes : Weston-super-Mare
Jill was a well known face all around the world but she is still honoured everywhere I still cannot believe she has gone as I live so close I can see her grave and visit I would like to send my sympathy to all the natin on the loss of Jill and we will allways have the memories.
Dan Strode : Milton Keynes
She was a good person and was a tribute to the BBC
Vic Parrott : london
I will never forget your natural ways and fantastic smile .You was the girl next door who would tackle anything for the viewer thanks Vic
Kelly Maguire : Lancaster
It is a tragedy that a young woman,about to embark on a new life with the man she loved, was killed in such an undignified way.I send my deepest sympathies to her fiance and to her father and brother. I wish them all love, luck and happiness in their futures.
Michael : Minot, North Dakota USA
As a USAF personnel stationed in the UK for three+ years, I find this story very sad and watch for Jill's murderer to be caught. I remember her well - She is missed.
Ben Davis : australia
it was very sad to hear about this death and may Jill RIP.
love from the family
Katie Misselbrook : Edinburgh
I am myself only 13 but I was so shocked to hear that this had happened to a wonderful person and so caring that tears came to my eyes, I also hope they catch who ever did this to her.
suzanne : somerset
sadly missed, but treasured in our thoughts forever
Lynda Field : Birmingham
Such a tragic loss and waste.
mandy : timsbury bath
gone but never forgoton always in our thoughts may you rest in peace.
rebecca moseley : derby
she lived life to full when she was alive, u could tell that by the way she smiled. she died too young, and it was an auwful thing that happened to her. I hope as a nation she lives on in our memories as her stength and courage could all teach us a thing or two, and that we shouldnt let life pass us by but we should live every moment as if it were our last.
Tom Watson: Preston
I moved to London three years ago..and started work not far from where i lived in Fulham, one day whilst walking to work i noticed an eligant woman in front that looked familiar.. yes it was jill!! bugger i thought..quite exited, taller in real life..but not to look a loon I just carryed on my way thinking hell I just saw Jill Dando.. what a cool place London is...and smiled, two years later, everything seemed to be going belly up for me in London and on my final visit from collecing some stuff out of my old Fulham flat, I was catching the tube, where i saw the Standard's front page.!!!! not only was I sad leaving Fulham but this really put the icing on it...and all i could think of was her not on the T.V as I had often seen, but strolling happly one morning,down the New Kings Road.. content, looking in shop windows. theres an emptyness even a bit of a rough bloke like me feels.
see ya Jill you made London just that little more special for me.
Carol Brady : Stafford
I still find it hard to believe that such an inoffensive, charming and likeable person could meet such a terrible end. My heartfelt sympathy goes to her family.
Alison : Gloucester
An extraordinary lady who had the knack of appearing "ordinary". RIP Jill, we miss you.
Mike Hammond : Exeter
I don't really know waht to say that hasn't already been said, just that a lovely person is no longer here to brighten our day...but never forgotten.
David Jupp: Sutton Coldfield
Such a tragic loss of life. How sad we all are
Paul Kennedy : Glasgow,Scotland
I can only say that television will never be the same without her,I didn't Know her and will miss her terribly
Mike Arnold : Barnstaple North Devon
Such a lovely lady. Lost but not forgotten
Mary Kabote : Leeds
I hope they catch the person who killed Jill for her poor father's sake. If this lunatic had not taken Jill's young life, Jill would be happily married today. It is very sad indeed.
Azbarga Saeed : Taibeh, Israel
I would not write an article so I want to write a short sentence SHE WAS A BRILLIANT STAR IN THE MEDEIA
kevin sheehy : manchester
she was an example to us all
Thomas Crane : London
Still can't believe she's gone.
shirley thomson : pittenweem,fife,scotland
seemed a very warm heartning person, very sadly missed and also a good presenter to crimewatch. I just hope they get her killer soon and put everybody's minds a rest, especially her fiancee that was meant to be or her future husband, also her father and brother.
Pat : Wirral
I feel Jill was a beautiful example to all women.
Burgat : FRANCE
Je ne connaissais pas Jill Dando, et en en ai entendu parler pour la première fois lors de l'annonce de son assassinat à la télévision française. Depuis, j'ai eu plus de détails sur sa vie et sa carrière professionnelle en suivant le site Internet de la BBC.
Je suis désolé pour cette stupide disparition d'une présentatrice si talentueuse et si sympathique. J'adresse mes condoléances à sa famille et ses nombreus amis.


gareth warbrick : blackpool
rest in peace
Steve Huggett : Nederland
Jill was my favorite BBC presenter, what a waste, We still miss her.
David Longman : London
There are some people who have a capacity to charm, enthuse and inspire, as well as entertain and amuse. Jill was one. I never knew her, but once saw her in the street. We exchanged glances and she smiled. In the pressure world of being ‘on stage’ she didn’t have to. She just did. Presumably she smiled at everyone who smiled at her. She had the ability to do so much good in the world. She was a bright star amid a grey carpet. Quite simply, she was a star whose light will take years to fade from the memory. She gave more than she received from a world which is really only content to take. She deserved the love her killer took away.
N.Chacko James : Lusaka ,Zambia
I am saddened by the untimely loss of such a pleasant presenter in our TV viewing times!
Richard : UK
At last some one may be bought to justice. Jill can finally rest in peace.
Alan Barton : St, Ives. Cambridgeshire
How can anyone take the life of someone who represents everything that is good about life. She was kind, always happy, considerate and above all a lovely human being.
Ivan Archer : Cork Ireland.
Such a tragic loss of a beautiful and talented woman is hard to comprehend.
David Mackenzie : Newcastle upon TyneThirteen plus months on Jill, you are sadly missed on our screens. Now up there in Heaven, an angel God must be so proud of! If one may say this in closing, you were to millions of us in the UK, the 'Princess Di' of tv land.
stephanie hollington : Bristol
i Was very upset at Jills death it was A tragdey.
Richard Maughan : Rotherham
My heart goes out to Jill's family and to Alan for the kindness that Jill gave to the nation as a shine to television.
s kirk : widnes cheshire
such a tragic waste,
Thomas Clapperton : United States, City of New York
Jill wasn't on much television in the USA but i used to live in Britain a few years ago and everyone knew her - she was as well known as a newsreader as Trevor McDonald was to the Brits now. She will be sadly missed and I hope that they catch the person who did this to her so that Jill can rest in peace.
MARTY STEVENSON : Washington D.C. - formerly of Co Londonderry N.Ireland
I am delighted to hear that the hard efforts of all concerned in the investigation are finally being rewarded. This beautiful life should never have been taken away from us.Although I am far removed from home I still enquire avidly as to any further developments in the case.I hope this is finally it over.
Jimmy Smithers :USA
What a loss. I have been following the news here in the States and have been saddened. But glad they have someone to connect to this horrible crime.
adam weissenborn : scarborough
Kenan Kes : Turkey
She was a very warm character. I really loved her personality. It is a great shame that such a person is missing from our daily lives. I never forget the time my son said"Hello Jill Dando" at Clarence park. She was sitting with her dad & another male person. She turned around & waved at my son. I thought it was very nice.
I think most of us miss her very much. God Bless her!